The Mission

It Takes Hope exists to provide a message of hope, to encourage, and to equip people who seek it.



Our Team


Holly LeBlanc MA, LLPC

FOUNDER & inspiration

Holly was given a life full of “hard”. At the age of eighteen, she spent a total of a month and a half in the hospital after living and studying overseas. It resulted in two major surgeries and a compromised digestive system. After this illness, doctors confirmed a diagnosis of a rare, neurological progressive disorder called Friedrich’s Ataxia. Her losses because of this disease were continual.

Holly loved writing and public speaking. She worked at Central Wesleyan Church for twenty years; youth department, family life, congregational care, counseling to follow up care, and directed drama ministries. In 2016 she sensed God was preparing her for something else. She retired from her job and the journey of It Takes Hope began.

In January, 2017 Holly was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer.

The hard continued but so does hope. Holly always believed you can hurt and still have hope.

On July 21, 2017 she lost the battle to cancer but is still winning the battle through It Takes Hope and the hope that we bring.


Chris Hofland

Board Member

Chris can't contain the excitement he has for being part of the It Takes Hope board. He knew Holly since the awkward days of 7th grade and had been friends ever since. Chris currently serves as the Area Director for Greater Holland Young Life. Previously, Chris served as Local Missions Pastor for Central Wesleyan Church in Holland. Chris began his professional career as a special education teacher for Holland Public Schools. Chris and his wife Susan have a crew of 6 kids who all adored Holly! In his spare time, Chris can be found outdoors with his family, playing golf, on a field coaching soccer, or deep frying pickles. 


Pam Van Putten

Board Member
event coordinator

Pam VanPutten is honored to be part of the It Takes Hope Board. She values relationships in life and ministry. She is currently the Coordinator of Mentoring & Internships for the Studies in Ministry Minor at Hope College. Pam recently served at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland where she was the Director of Discipleship for Student Ministries. Pam has abundant experience in many ministry settings in the Holland area. She and her husband, Mitch have also been actively involved in Young Life, as well as worked at Christ Memorial Church in Youth Ministry. Pam loves to sing and has led worship at various events in the area. She and Mitch, have a son, a daughter and a daughter-n-law.

Pam had known Holly for many years and the two of them shared many laughs, they liked the same foods and they loved deep conversation. She is so excited to work with the team to plan events and opportunities for people to come together and celebrate their stories of hope.


Kirk Lambers

Board Member

Kirk and Sandy Lambers have been married for over 30 years. They have been blessed with 3 children who are now married. They both love being involved as Grandparents in their 6 Grandchildren lives. They like spending time at the beach and taking trips. They reside in Holland, MI. Kirk was introduced to Holly by Sandy.

Kirk is a Vice President at Royal Technologies Corporation in Hudsonville. He is excited to use his God given gifts of Finance and Administration at It Takes Hope. His role is to help the organization to run smoothly so that It Takes Hope can continue to spread the message of hope. We all have times in our lives that we need the reminder that there is Hope and where it comes from.


Josh Cowen

Board Member

Josh is a fun-loving, creative dad of a teen & tween and is married to Jaimie Campbell. Josh has 21 years experience in graphic design and marketing. Fifteen of those years were at Central Wesleyan Church and 12 of them as the Marketing and Communications Director. It was there that he met Holly and he always had her on her toes (figuratively) and those around her. The best was in a frozen yogurt shop in Chicago where Josh was acting as a jerk to Holly all for the sake of some laughter. The tension was bad until both he and Holly started laughing. The patrons then knew it was all an act.