game on!

'Twas the night before my oncology appointment,

when all through the house Barkley was snoring,

not at all like a mouse;

the unknown of this cancer hovering in the air,

 in hopes of the right medical team that'll be full of care.

These past three weeks have been a major blur,

trusting on treatments, the docs will concur.

 While my faith is tested and the outcome unclear;

 I have absolutely no doubt that God is so near.

My dog is always cuddling, the fire is lit, my focus on Him; His love won't quit.

Friends are encouraging, I'm doing okay. I trust in His mercies, they're new everyday.

Many are hurting; it's hard to understand, but I know God's got this, He has a plan.

People seem to question; it seems so unfair. But not for a second do I say He doesn't care.

My life is hard yet so full of hope. I'm battle ready. He'll help me cope.

Tomorrow is the day I long to know more. My family's been awesome. They love me to my core.

Thank YOU so much for joining this fight. Your support is amazing. Carrying the load and making it light.

The time has come to "get-er-done!" I'm confident in God. I say that -He's already won!

Holly LeBlanc